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5 mm, Pink Shiller Sunstone-princess

Price :

  • Model : 4683
  • Products Carat Weight : 0.5300 Carats Ave
  • Units in Stock : 1


0.53Cts of Pink Shiller Sunstone in a princess Cut

5 mm, Pink Shiller Sunstone-princess
pink shiller with yellow flash, pretty

  • Dealer Offering Item for Sale: New Directions
  • Sunstone Specifications:
    • Gem Species: FELDSPAR
    • Hardness: 6 -
    • Density: 2.62
    • RI: 1.52 -
  • Size: 5 (D) mm
  • Cut: princess
  • Calibrated Gemstone: Yes
  • Carat Weight: 0.5300 Carats Ave
  • Grade: AAA-
  • Clarity Breakdown: Internally flawless, meaning that the stone was examined under a microscope of at least 40x magnification and no inclusions were seen.
  • Cutting Breakdown: Exceptional brilliance with a precision cut. Stone has equal and symmetrical facting with proper cutting angles "critical angle" and proper depth.
  • Carat Breakdown: Average in Carat Weight for this size stone (+/- 5%)
  • Photo Clarity Breakdown: Color is Good but is washed out a little, Image is Sharp but doesn't show clear depth,, & Background has been removed to Better Show Gemstone
  • Photo shows Multiple views of a single gemstone.
  • Pricing based on single gemstone.
  • We grade each gemstone for Color, Clarity, cut, and Carat weight. We try to define / analysis each gemstone and photo taken (all photo are of the gemstone itself not a general stone photo) to help you make a better decision.
  • These photos are intended to provide you with an accurate visual representation of the gem.
  • Photo's taken with a macro lens, which may make the gemstone look larger in some views..
  • Combining of views also may make gemstone look different sizes.
  • Click on the photo to enlarge photo for better detail.